Nora’s McVegan Breakfast Sandwich

In my never-ending pursuit of becoming 100% vegan, I wanted to devise a breakfast sandwich that was close to what I enjoyed for years when I was still a meat eater.

This one, I think, comes pretty doggone close.


- Two slices of Ezekiel Bread, toasted
- Two thin slices of tofu
- 1 slice of Galaxy Nutritional Foods Veggy Slices (cheddar flavor)
- 1 slice of Yves Veggie Cuisine Deli Ham
- Cooking spray (1 second spray)
- Earth balance spread, if desired


Toast the Ezekiel bread, spread lightly with Earth Balance if desired.

In a small skillet coated with cooking spray, pan fry the tofu slices until lightly browned.

Place the tofu slices on top of one of the toast slices, add the Cheddar Veggy Slice.

Pan fry the Yves Deli Ham slice, flipping once, until very hot.

Place the Yves Deli Ham slice atop the tofu and Cheddar Veggy Slice.

Top with the other slice of toasted Ezekiel bread.

Cut in half, if desired, and enjoy.

Nutrition (without Earth Balance spread)

270 calories :: 4 grams fat :: 6 fiber :: 30 carbs :: 19 grams protein :: 496 sodium :: 194 potassium :: 0 sugars :: 10% vitamin A :: 4% vitamin C :: 20% calcium :: 12% iron

**I’m not a dietician. All nutrition calculations are based on using Your mileage may vary.**

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