The 52 calorie sandwich

The 52 calorie sandwich by Just Nora
The 52 calorie sandwich, a photo by Just Nora on Flickr.

Nope – I am not joking. I get the #6 Veggie at Jimmy John’s, have them make it as an “unwich” which is where they wrap it in big iceberg lettuce leaves. I omit the cheese and mayo, but add spicy mustard. The only cholesterol in it is from the avocado spread.

See attached nutrition screen shot – 51.4 calories, 1.7 fat, 2.6 fiber, 204.5 sodium (prob the avocado spread and mustard), 7.4 carbs. Protein is low (2.6), so I also have a Dr. McDougall Low Sodium Split Pea soup cup (you can buy them at online or at Whole Foods) – 200 calories, 1 fat, 9 fibers, 13 protein, 35 carbs.

Whole lunch is 3 fats, 12 fibers, 16 protein, 252 calories. Woot!

**I’m not a dietician. All nutrition calculations are based on using Jimmy John’s web site nutrition calculator and the nutrition information on the side of the Dr. McDougall soup cup. Your mileage may vary.**

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