Spotted in the freezer, and other Sunday musings

Spotted in the freezer by Just Nora
Spotted in the freezer, a photo by Just Nora on Flickr.

Didn’t make it to the market until today. I always feel like I don’t get the best “pickins” when I wait until Sunday, but sometimes there is no choice.

Life is moving back into school mode here in our house. This week, our son had his last “first day” at school. He’s a senior. That means that while we are indeed moving back into predictable rhythms, there is also the frenzy of college applications, waiting and the sick feeling of oh my lord how will we pay for this? running through our veins.

Convenience foods and frozen foods

For crazy week nights, sometimes convenience foods can be a blessing. Is it possible to eat convenience foods as a veggie and still eat well? Yes.

Today in Whole Foods I saw Vegan Fish Fillets from Sophie’s Kitchen for the first time. I’d heard of vegan seafood, but never encountered it. I live in the landlocked Midwest. New stuff is slow to reach us. I’ve not tried them, and would love to hear from you in the comments if you have.

I find that frozen veggies and fruits can be really handy for quick weeknight meals, smoothies and soups. They’re certainly cost-effective, and they don’t spoil before I get around to enjoying them.

We also love Boca Burgers, Gardenburgers and Five Star Foodies’ Artichoke Burgers.

Having a stash of a few quick, healthy freezer items can help you eat well on the run during your busy week. What go-to items do you keep handy for quick meals?

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